AJ Oishi: Looking Inward


09.04.21 – 10.02.21



Saturday, September 4th, 2021

5 -7 pm


KW Contemporary Art is excited to present the first solo exhibition at the gallery of the work of AJ Oishi. A.J. Oishi (b.1971) is a self-taught painter specializing in abstract pointillism. Originally from Seattle, Oishi spent her professional career working in roles that required organization and precise analysis. These skills transferred into her painting career, in which measured and controlled techniques are applied to create balanced and detail-oriented paintings.


Rooted in a fascination with color, geometry and the artistic process, Oishi’s work is created using paint on the eraser side of a #2 pencil in a deliberate, pointillist approach.  By adding thousands of dots together and using specific color combinations, a meditative experience is presented to the viewer.  The choice of a tool which is traditionally used to remove something is particularly poignant as the circular patterns created awaken a sense of awareness and moments of pause.  There is an intoxicating effect in the presence of these forms, drawing the viewer in for periods of respite.